Stylish And Functional Girl Hats For Your Baby

Baby girls are precious and all moms want to do is to dress them up in stylish outfits and accessories. Girl hats are essential accessories for your daughter. They not only make your baby look prettier but they also have other functions like protecting her from the harsh sun rays and keeping her warm during the cold weather. With the current fashion trends, you and your daughter can never miss out on hats that compliment her personality.

What Should You Look For In Hats For Your Little Girl?

When shopping for hats for your daughter, you need to consider the following:

Size – Ensure that you get the right size for your little girl. You can measure the circumference of your baby’s head using a tape measure before you go out shopping. It is also a good idea to go out shopping with your daughter so that she can be available to fit the hats herself and also pick the ones she likes.

Straps – Go for hats with two straps that can be tied at the chin. These are safer compared to the ones with a single strap which can strangle your daughter when playing or moving around. Hats with straps also stay in place most of the time unlike those without straps as they tend to fall off.

Fabric – Choose hats made of fabric suitable for the weather. If you are buying a hat for the cold season, ensure that the fabric is made from heavy fabric like wool that will keep your daughter warm. If you are buying her a hat for the warm weather, ensure that it is made from lightweight fabric like cotton that will ensure that she is comfortable.

Here are stylish girls’ hats that you can let your baby try out:


These hats are made in a way that they are close fitting thus ensuring that your baby’s head is warm and comfortable. These hats are comprised of a small visor brim at the front part for extra protection from the sun.

Some of these hats come in fascinating shapes of a variety of fruits like grape or strawberries to give your baby an interesting look. Some of these hats come with animal ears at the top to add a fun look to them.

Sun Hats

These types of hats are fabulous when your daughter goes outdoors during the hot weather. It protects her from the harsh sun rays. A good sun hat should have a wide brim for maximum protection from the sun rays. The fabric used to make them should be light weight like cotton. A mix of spandex and nylon materials would also be perfect for a sun hat. Such materials tend to dry fast thus keeping your little girl comfortable and dry in case she sweats. You can also choose to buy her hats with ultraviolet protection.

Examples of sun hats that can be incredible for your daughter include the floppy hat, the bucket hat, and the bonnet. Sun hats with neck flaps are also good as they help protect your baby’s neck from the sun rays.

Girls’ hats are available as functional and fashionable. They are also available in different designs meaning that you have many options to choose from for your daughter.