Creative Strategies to Store Girls Hats

Does your little girl love her collection of hats but has no proper method of saving them? As a parent are you bored of looking for different closet spaces which can accommodate her hats? includes a brief but helpful guide on how you can store your infant girls’ hats better.

  • You can create a collage with your little girls’ hats within her room. It would make for some interesting wall art. Use them just above her bed, or on her own wardrobe door. You may choose to be a little bit bold and place them in the hallway leading into her space. She’d definitely have fun with picking out a hat to wear out of those on display.
  • Did you realize you could hang hats on a hanger? All you need are a few hooks and you are able to use the neck pieces of your kid’s hats to fasten them on the hooks. This will not only make her cupboard appear neater, it will also make it simple for her to pick out the hat she wants to wear on a specific day. This is especially perfect if the storage space is constrained.
  • Does your girl have shelves in her area? You could opt to either transform one of her existing shelves to storage space for those hats, or you could have one installed. If you prefer that the hats remain out of the way, then you can install a shelf that is concealed for instance, on top of her door or behind the doorway.
  • Did you know a classy classic piece such as an armoire could double up as a storage space for girls’ hats? Not only are you going to be taking care of your hat problem, however you’ll also be adding a vintage piece for your little girl’s room. If at all possible, paint the armoire in pink or her favorite color that will blend in with the rest of the room.
  • Run from space in the cupboard? Why don’t you use the top high corners as distance to hang her hats? This is convenient because they can easily be saved, while still remaining discreet.
  • Coat racks are another excellent way in which you can save her hats. Get one that has multiple racks and also use it to store her entire collection.
  • Another excellent way of integrating hats in to her room d├ęcor is by simply pinning them on a corkboard. And by pinning we do not imply destroying her hats by sticking holes through them, but we really do imply placing pins on the corkboard and dangling the hats onto the pins.
  • Kill two birds with one stone by spending some time with your daughter by creating hat boxes where she can save the hats. These boxes are really easy to create and your daughter will have lots of fun designing her own boxes.
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